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Autonomous Worlds N1

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The Autonomous Worlds Network’s first publication offers a new vocabulary for a new era of worlding.

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Autonomous Worlds N1 is an anthology of essays by engineers, game designers, artists, and writers exploring onchain computation as a novel medium for virtual worlds. Looking beyond the limited view of blockchain as a purely financial tool, these essays engage with the new design patterns, game mechanics, and narrative possibilities unlocked by the technology. Together, they present a new vocabulary for a new era of worlding.

The result of an open call sent to participants of the Autonomous Worlds Symposium in 2022, the anthology is a foundational text for the unfolding narrative of Autonomous Worlds. Having circulated as a rare collectable at playtests, hackathons, and conferences since the original symposium, it is now available to the public for the first time.

Contributors include: gubsheep, ludens, dmstfctn, Eva Jäger, and Alasdair Milne (Serpentine Arts Technologies), Rafael Morado, David Huang, bytes, Agnes Cameron, guiltygyoza, GVN and Arb (Moving Castles), and Ker Lee Yap.

The anthology contains: — "The Strongest Crypto Gaming Thesis" by gubsheep — "The Case for Autonomous Worlds" by ludens — "Large Lore Models" by dmstfctn, Eva Jäger, and Alasdair Milne — "Infinite Modding" by Rafael Morado — "Lively Worlds" by David Huang — "Architecting Physics" by bytes — "A Chatroom with Legs" by Agnes Cameron — "Composable Engineering" by guiltygyoza — "Three Eras of World Generation" by GVN and Arb — "How to Fall in Love with a System" by Ker Lee Yap

Interspersed between the essays are a collection of narrative vignettes or “world windows” and a glossary of key concepts.

This Metalabel release makes 333 second-edition copies of the book available from a total print run of 1000, along with a digital edition. The initial copies were exclusively available to attendees of the Autonomous Worlds Assembly in Istanbul.

Further details:

Autonomous Worlds N1 Published by 0xPARC and Autonomous Worlds Network Paperback, 120 pages, 11.1 x 17.9 cm Publication year: 2023 ISBN: 978-1-3999-4967-5 Editor: Guy Mackinnon-Little Art direction: Leïth Benkhedda Code (ASCII cellular automata): Son-La Pham Illustrations: PWR studio Printer: Druckhaus Sportflieger, Berlin

CategoryInternet, Games, Technology
Release Date15 May 2024